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Ankaa Student Training

We recently hosted a group of 6 students currently learning how to sew At Ankaa Project based in Athens Greece. We had 2 women from Turkey with four children, all between the ages of two, 2 Somali women, a woman from Eritrea and a Greek student. They were accompanied by two staff members. What a day!

They toured our Creative Hands weaving shop, met and shared with some of our women, were taught a bit of weaving by the women. I always smile when I see our women at Creative Hands standing confidently and in pride of their skill and begin to show new ones or visitors.

After the tour of the workshop we drove to the house which we are still praying about purchasing and there the visiting women were shown the process of weaving from the beginning, to where they actually could then sit and weave. Then we had lunch, and sat down to do basic simple Frame Loom weaving. Our final stop was the beach, where the women and their children got to enjoy playing in the water on one of our many beaches. It was a full day but it was worth it. We wouldn't be able to do this without your generous donations, purchasing of products and your prayers for us. Thank you!

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