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Leadership Team

Leadership: Meet the Team

Cecilia Sakatira


Originally from Zimbabwe, Cecilia Sakatira currently works with a faith-based NGO in Greece. Her passion and expertise is to aid the spiritual, emotional and physical development of women and families. Since 1998, Cecilia has worked with at-risk women and children on four continents in multiple countries: in Brazil, Tunisia, Morocco, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Greece. She speaks six languages and holds a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (Vision International University, 2013), as well as several specialized training certificates, including International Human Trafficking (University of San Angelo, 2013), Principles and Practices in Christian Microfinance and Microenterprise Development (Chalmers Center for Economic Development, 2009), Social Education with Children at Risk (Happy Child International, 2003), and Pattern Making and Design (Harare Polytechnic, 2001).


Cecilia started Threads of Hope Hellas in April 2012, in Athens, as a means to train and empower women victims of human trafficking in sewing. She's now incorporated her lifelong love for textiles and sewing with her passion

for holistically caring for women and children in need.


The seed for weaving was planted in her heart by a friend in 2017. This friend visited the sewing project and challenged her to consider incorporating weaving. A year after this seed took root, and through the generosity of many, she owns her own floor loom. Cecilia has attended weaving workshops in Tuscany, Italy and Philadelphia, USA and has enrolled

in online Weaving Guilds in Canada.


Cecilia’s philosophy in life is that your skill or talent is not to be hoarded, but to be shared so that through sharing, others have an opportunity to dream and become who they're meant to be. Cecilia started teaching Syrian, Afghanistan, and Congolese Refugees how to weave and sew in 2018. Through the generosity of friends in Finland, we received floor looms that are set up in a workshop to teach weaving. Realizing men and women want to learn and have something to do, has convinced her that we can provide a gateway toward employment for those who come into the nation.

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