About Creative Hands

Based in Greece, Creative Hands focuses on giving women living as refugees the opportunity for employment and to create their own livelihoods. We've chosen to achieve this through training and production, specifically

in the weaving of textiles and sewing of goods for purchase. 

We work with women.

While we recognize ALL displaced people have many uphill roads to navigate in order to regain their livelihood, we believe that women within the refugee and migrant population face a much larger disadvantage. They often bear the load of work at home while also providing care for children and elderly family members which makes finding work close to impossible, and  many of the women arrive in Greece having come from societies

where the opportunity to get an education doesn't exist. 

We work with textiles, weaving and sewing.

Women arriving from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, and several countries in Africa have a common rich history and culture in weaving and sewing of fabrics. At Creative Hands, we believe that providing an opportunity to revive this craft for the many who grew up weaving and sewing, as well as teaching those who don't know how, will help establish a sense of community and connection with each other. This will also connect their cultures, while giving them a versatile skill-set to use in the wider textile industry.

Textiles are a necessary part of life and are purchased by every socio-economic group:

• blankets for newborn babies

• tea towels, table cloths, cushion covers and more for our homes

• bags and purses to carry all we need

• clothing for ourselves and our families

We've embraced a culture that is part of our history and identity and

we've done so while empowering women and bringing dignity to their lives. 

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