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Workshops for Young Minds

Creative Hands in Lavrio would like to invite you to a time of experiencing Handweaving on Frame Looms especially geared for young minds. Parents, we are open to give your young ones an experience on creating something they can take home with them at the end of their time with us.



Weaving is a fun and inexpensive activity that helps to develop your child's fine motor skills. Weaving also helps to develop eye-hand coordination and concentration, as well as problem-solving skills.

Weaving brings children together in a collaborative learning activity and provides a unique experience that ignites curiosity and imagination. Boys and girls will spend long periods of time weaving together at a classroom loom, experimenting with a variety of yarns, collage strips and other raw materials.

Weaving is fun, it’s challenging, and it enjoys a long, historic tradition across world cultures.

We can’t say enough about the learning that takes place when children approach a weaving project. It teaches children many developmental skills while offering a creative and challenging learning experience. As they weave, children learn patterning, critical thinking skills, problem solving, and they learn to create 3-D art, or think in three dimensions. By weaving in and out in a pattern, children learn to coordinate their eyes, hands and minds; and they also cross the midline, which reinforces brain development between the right and left hemispheres. 

Last but not least, weaving appeals to our innate human desire to experience patterns and rhythm. Humans are pattern-seeking beings. Weaving helps us slow down and enjoy the rhythm and pattern of repetitive motion as we weave in and out, over and under, around and through a series of warp threads. Weaving can even reduce stress and provides a positive community activity where children work together.

Many things can be said about the benefits of engaging children in Hand Weaving  here are a few to help you as you decide:

  • developing fine motor skills

  • developing eye hand coordination

  • helps increase focus and attention span

  • promotes left right coordination

  • reinforces following directions

  • offers a relaxing, tactile experience

Join us at our workshop in Lavrio as we dive into frame weaving for our curious young minds! Workshops consist of 3 sessions, with a group of up to 5 children. Each session will be 45' for younger children and 60' for our older groups.

Registration is 20 Euros per child and includes 3 sessions (45'-60' each) with all materials included and some refreshments during their time.

To register your child for these workshops please call us on +306980769236 or register online. After registration workshop hours will be communicated. Workshops will run from July 18, Mon-Sat. 

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