• Cecilia Sakatira

A Testimony of Changed Lives!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Lab had been set up in Lavrio, and she started attending the weaving and

sewing lessons each week. She was a fast learner and picked up the patterns

and different skills very quickly.

Amazingly, in early 2020, both she and her husband made decisions to have heart change and we have loved watching this family change and grow in their love for their King. They are very excited, and we have many conversations not only

about life and faith, but also how to pray for others to see the truth.

Surviving as a refugee has many layers and changes that more often than not

are out of their control, and this family has been no exception. As spring

turned into summer, they were told that their time in the refugee camp was

drawing to a close and they needed to enter a “housing program” that would

hopefully be a step in the direction of establishing them in a more permanent

living situation. With this change, there were many decisions that needed to

be made and looking for an apartment and finding reliable work became the

highest priorities.

With much help from the HomeSpot community and after picking themselves

up after several closed doors, we were so excited to help them move into

their own rented home outside of the refugee camp and located within

walking distance of HomeSpot center. Several made generous donations, and

we were able to help them get some essential items to setup their home and

start their new life!

This woman is one of the first 4 women we would like to employ on a part-

time basis as we launch Creative Hands.

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